Thursday, October 24, 2013

A BEAUTIFUL DAY.....and no coax!

Today I finally had a free lunch period to get out and play radio, so last night I loaded up the antenna and radio into the car.  Drove to my normal park at lunch - with much anticipation of the possibility that 10 meters was open.


Discovered that I had left my coax at home - kind of important to have the antenna connected to the radio!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

38,750 Miles per Watt Contact

Yesterday I posted that I had worked AK4JA and that I thought he said he was running VERY low power, but my CW skills couldn't be sure.

Well I just noticed he logged the contact on QRZ...

He was running 20 MILLIWATTS from a homebrew transmitter!  He made note in the comments that this was a 38,750 mile per watt contact.

Wow!  What fun to be on the other end of Bob who was running such low power.  Keep having fun Bob!