Thursday, April 10, 2014

Being heard, but not hearing...

I have been playing around with PSK31, WSPR and JT65 since I got my 30' long wire with UNUN installed in the attic.

I have noticed something that is bugging me a bit.

It appears that I am being heard much better than I am hearing other stations.

When I call CQ on PSK31 - the PSK REPORTER site shows my signal being heard from coast to coast and beyond.  Most time I get a return call, but many times I can just barely see them on the waterfall.

I have noticed the same thing with WSPR - heard all over the place, but hardly hearing anyone.

So it has me thinking about the antenna.  Could it be that it is a better radiator than it is a receiver?

I am going to be putting a 66' ladder fed dipole up there sometime in the next month - so that might tell me more.

You guys with more experience - what do you think might be going on here?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Birthday....KX3 Model

So yesterday I celebrated my 47th birthday.  I had a great time eating a nice dinner with my Wife and children.  Perfect night!

My 14 year old son, Ryan, has discovered a graphics program called Blender - he is teaching himself how to use it and has really done some cool stuff.

Well, for my birthday present he made a graphic of my Elecraft KX3!  He apparently had been making clandestine trips to my newly implement shack to see what the rig looked like and then model it up in Blender.

Here is how it turned out....very cool....I just had to share it with you guys.

What a great birthday present from him - I am gong to make it into my wallpaper on my shack computer.

Thanks Ryan - you did a great job!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Wake Island

Since I put the 30' EF long wire in the attic I have been playing around with digital modes - PSK31 & WSPR.

I fired up WSPR on 20 meters remotely this morning using Team Viewer and much to my surprise I was heard by WA2YUN on Wake Island.

Pretty cool to for my 3 watts to be heard on a location with such historical significance!