Thursday, April 10, 2014

Being heard, but not hearing...

I have been playing around with PSK31, WSPR and JT65 since I got my 30' long wire with UNUN installed in the attic.

I have noticed something that is bugging me a bit.

It appears that I am being heard much better than I am hearing other stations.

When I call CQ on PSK31 - the PSK REPORTER site shows my signal being heard from coast to coast and beyond.  Most time I get a return call, but many times I can just barely see them on the waterfall.

I have noticed the same thing with WSPR - heard all over the place, but hardly hearing anyone.

So it has me thinking about the antenna.  Could it be that it is a better radiator than it is a receiver?

I am going to be putting a 66' ladder fed dipole up there sometime in the next month - so that might tell me more.

You guys with more experience - what do you think might be going on here?

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