Friday, May 30, 2014

Say a Prayer....Testing Tomorrow!

My Son Nick
Big news!  Tomorrow I will be testing for my Extra ticket.....but the bigger news is that my 16 year old son - Nick - will be testing for his Technician!

He has been studying for about 6 weeks off and on - you know how teens are.  We have spent time talking about things that he needed to actually see - instead of just read from a question/answer pool or a book.

Anyway, I am more nervous for him, than I am for myself.  He basically got me motivated to study as well for my Extra, but I want him to pass more than I want to pass!

So say a quick prayer for Nick, that he would remain calm and PASS!

In other news....I worked W1AW/7 WY last night on 40 meters with 5 watts.  He was operating split, so I dug out the KX3 manual to figure out how the dual watch/split operation worked.  It took me about 45 minutes of playing, but one I figured out that I just heard the guy he worked, I snagged him!  That was the only contact last night on 40 - and once again it was about 12:30 am local (0530 UTC).

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  1. Consider prayers said and offered. Both you and Nick just need to take a deep breath and just "get 'er done"! I am sure you'll both do fantastic. Keep us informed.

    72 de Larry W2LJ