Friday, August 22, 2014

The list of projects is huge!

I have been having serious radio withdrawal - I am really itching to get on the air and operate!  Unfortunately, life is happening and I have had zero time to operate.

When this happens I usually watch a lot of videos and read blogs.  This then leads a big list of "I wanna do that" type projects.

So I thought I would list the top 3 or 4 here and set a goal of getting them done by Christmas:

1.  Get a long wire inverted L 9:1 UNUN antenna installed at the house.  I have the UNUN built and I have the small gauge "stealthy" wire from the Wire Man - just need to get it up in the trees!

2.  Rockmite 40 - I have had this kit along with the Mitybox for several years - just need to get it built.

3. DIY Powerpole Distribution Block - There are some great plans for this here:

4. Magnetic loop antenna with automatic controller.  I have the board, just need some components to get the board built up and working - I really want to get this going early this fall!

The list is much longer - but this is the top four I want to get done right now.

What is on your project list?

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