Thursday, September 5, 2013

France, Germany, Sweden PLUS SOTA Chasing! YEE HAA!

After reading Larrys post this morning about 15 meters being open, I thought I would check that band out first today when I arrived at the park for some lunch time portable operation.  It has been a week since I have been on the air, so I was itching to get back to some CW.

Sure enough, right off the bat I had success...

DL4MO - I heard Loy finishing a QSO and when they wrapped it up I gave him a call.  He came right back to me with a 449 report - he was 599 here in Kansas.  Interesting thing is this was more than a quick report and "see ya" - I don't think he could believe I was at 5 watts - he had me repeat my power after I sent it to him.  Loy lives in Germany - a new country for me.  His location is almost smack dab in the middle of the country.

SM5CAK - I heard Lars calling CQ and gave him a call - he was booming in here at 599, he gave me a 559.  Lars lives in Motola, Sweden - looking at Google Earth, it looks like a beautiful area.

I didn't hear anyone else that was not in a QSO or very strong, so I decided to throw out a CQ on 15 meters...

F5RQQ - Jean-Marc is located in France.  We exchanged a quick report, he sent me 549 and I sent him 599.  Nice quick contact.

With 40 minutes left of my lunch hour, I decided to chase me some SOTA Activators...

K7SO - Sat was on W5N/PW-012 in New Mexico.  I worked him on 30 meters - he was booming in here at a 599 and I got a 549.

NM5S - Alan was on the same peak with K7SO but he was working 40 meters.  He gave me a 539 and I sent him 579.

KE5AKL - Mike was on W5N/SS-001 - Wheeler Peak, which is the highest peak in New Mexico at 13,167 ft.  I found this panaroma photo of the peak at Wikipedia - pretty cool shot.

Panorama of Wheeler Peak, NM - KE5AKL was here when I worked him!
With so many quick contacts, I still had about 8 minutes before I had to tear down, and I spun the dial on 20 meters looking for a CQ....

NK6X/4 - Bill was sending almost to fast for me, but I enjoyed it!  Sometimes it is good to be pushed.  He was in Dallas, GA, which appears to be part of metro Atlanta - I didn't even know there was a Dallas, GA.  We had a nice QSO for the rest of my lunch hour, but I was having problems with the KX3 key.  Sometimes, it just will not send the dits and dahs when you push the arm.  Not sure what the deal is!

FUN FUN day today!  Thanks to all those that worked me!

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