Thursday, June 19, 2014

CWT Mini-Contest - QRP Style

In my continuing effort to evaluate my attic dipole, several guys have given me advice to get on during a contest because the activity level is higher on the bands and I could better evaluate what I can hear.

Every Wednesday (local) evening from 0300-0400Z (Thursday) the CW Operators Club has a mini-contest the call CWT.  The exchange is name and member number or name and state if a non-member.

These guys are serious CW operators, and I knew the pace would be fast.  I downloaded N1MM for logging as they have a dedicated module for the contest.  They also have a call history file that you can load which allows you to enter the call and it matches the name and member number up for you.

So I had everything setup and ready. I started on 20 meters and heard some activity.  I made one contact there before heading to 40 meters.

On 40 meters the band was filled with signals - this warmed my heart after my recent worries with my antenna!

CW was being sent very fast - but after several listens I could usually get the call.  I just looked at the scores here - I ended up last in the QRP category, but NOT last in the contest!

I ended the night with 6 QSO's during the hour long contest.  Honestly, I am happy with those results.  My goal was 10 contacts, but I learned some valuable lessons which will help me next time!

Here is the list of my contacts (all CW Ops Members):
K1BG Bruce 20M - MA
N1LN Bruce 40M - NC
KC4D Bill 40M - VA
N5ZO Marko 40M - CA
AD4EB Jim 40M - TN
N5AW Marv 40M - TX

So I worked 6 different states - MA, NC, VA, CA, TN, TX - coast to coast!

Thanks to those that pulled my QRP signal out!  I will be back to this contest in the future!

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