Monday, June 30, 2014

First JT-65A Contacts!

JT-65 Spots on 40 Meter with 2 Watts
Over the weekend I setup WSJT-X on my old XP computer.  I let it do some decoding off and on over the weekend on several bands - and I was decoding well!

So last night I went down to the shack about 0350 UTC and fired up the rig on 40 meters.  I set WSJT-X to 40 meters and started seeing several signals on the waterfall, and decodes started coming in.

Over the next 45 minutes I worked 6 stations - 5 on JT-65 and one on JT-9.  It was pretty much back to back QSO's which was fun.  I have read a few people complain about the slow speed, and the short contest style exchange.

I actually loved both aspects on this mode!  I am really not much of a rag chewer, I prefer the hit and run style of contacts.  The speed didn't seem abnormally slow to me, about the same length of time a typical CW QSO takes at my speed.

Anyway, this mode is a blast, especially in my noisy environment.  The weak signals still come through and get decoded in the noise.

Here are the stations I worked:

WB0N - Bert in Minnesota JT-65
NC7L - Robert in Arizona JT-65
W6PDP - Charles in California JT-65
K7IPP - Neil in Arizona JT-65
KF7DRU - David in Arizona JT-9
KI5PM - Ken in Texas JT-65

This was a very fun session playing radio!  I will definitely be back to the JT modes for more contacts. 

On a side note - my little 2 watt signal was decoded in Switzerland as well!  Not bad for 2 watts on 40 meters from an attic antenna.  I did see a couple decodes of stations in South America, but I did not work them, or attempt to work them.

If you haven't ventured into the digital modes, what are you waiting for?  Jump in and have some fun!

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  1. Good evening Burke, very nice contacts what antenna were you using? I fired up PSK31 for the first time last night and was only listening seeing how the receive was and it was very good. I still have to do some tweaking to get things going.