Monday, April 11, 2016

April 2016 SKCC WES

This weekend was the monthly SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES), and I was really looking forward to working this.  I had hear there was lots of activity, and a great way to pick up additional SKCC member QSO's as I work towards my Centurion (100 contacts).

Map of contacts - most were on 40 meters (PR was on 15 meters, only 15 meter contact) - map by
So I was up and at it at 7:00 AM local Saturday morning (12:00 UTC).  Long story short, the bands really stunk here in Kansas the entire weekend.  All total I probably was able to work about 8 hours of the contest.

I ended up making 24 contacts, 16 states/provinces (including Puerto Rico and France) for a total score of 774 points - all QRP at 5 watts with the KX3 and my 20/40 dipole that lays on my shingles on the roof.

I used the SKCC Logger program, and it made life really easy!

I dug out an old J-37 key that my father had, and it was a real pleasure to use!

J-37 Key - KX3 on 3D printed stand my son made for me!
I added 16 new SKCC numbers, so right now I am sitting at 59 - just 41 more to go for my Centurion.

I will definitely be back next month!  This was really fun, and if you're worried about your CW skills, this is the perfect event for you.  Nice and slow - not the break-neck speed of most CW contests!

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  1. Good morning Burke, I too was on this weekend on Saturday and the conditions were the same up this way as well. I did not last long in the contest as my PC blue screened on me! More about that in my next post.
    Have a great week 73, Mike