Monday, July 15, 2013

Lunch Time Park Portable

31' Jackite EFHW attached to bollard
I was finally able to get to the park today again over lunch.  My goal is to operate every lunch hour that I don't have a work related meeting or some other activity keeping me from it.

Ran over to Chisholm Creek Park (I think this will be my primary lunch time operating location) that is about 3 miles from my office, and strapped the Jackite pole to a parking bollard.  Was on the air in less than 5 minutes.

I tuned around a bit and didn't hear much - not even a CQ - so I threw one out on 14.0605.

I immediately had two stations calling me back - both weak, so I picked the stronger one - WB5CTS/M.  Steve was QRP mobile in Arizona - thunderstorms in his area kept us from rag chewing, but it was a nice contact.  I suppose he was driving and doing CW at the same time - I can't imagine doing this!

Then another CQ netted me Carl, K4EAY in Alabama.  He was running a K1 at 5 watts - so this was a nice QRP to QRP contact!

I also managed to take a couple pictures of my setup.  Up above you will see my car with the 31' Jackite pole next to it which has the 20 meter EFHW hooked up to it.

Here is the KX3 sitting on my leg which is how I operate.  Then I have a clipboard where I write the code I am copying.

Elecraft KX3 sitting on my leg in my car for Park Portable operation

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