Monday, March 28, 2016

Portable Ops 10/45: Nice Lunch on the Radio!

Wow, today was the most fun I have had in a while on the radio - the bands seemed decent today.  So with my freshly charged KX3, and beautiful spring weather I set about to make some contacts from the local park.

N8XI (15024T) - Rick was calling CQ on 20 meters looking for SKCC members.  I gave him a call and we had a quick exchange from KS to MI.

Then I started calling CQ....

KF8DA - Roger gave me a call from Ohio and QSB was really bad on his end, but we got the contact done.

NX3Z/QRP - Jim answered my CQ and was right down there in the noise most of the time.  He was QRP from Arizona using a KX1 - it took many repeats but we finally were able to finish the QSO.  Jim emailed me and said that even though he is an SKCC member he was using the keyer on the KX1 so this won't count for an SKCC contact - but I always love 2xQRP contacts!  Thanks Jim!

K7EP (1683T) - Art answered my call from Washington state with a nice signal and a nice fist.

WH6LE (13533S) - Last up for the day was Pete from North Carolina for a nice quick contact.

It was a fun day today - much better band conditions than last week.  Thanks to everyone the found me!  I did go up to 15 meters right at the end and called CQ a couple times with no takers.

I also made some SKCC contacts over the weekend, so right now I am sitting at 27 SKCC contacts as I work towards 100 for the Centurion award.


  1. It's nice when it all comes together when you take your rig on an outing. Very nice QRP contacts.