Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Portable Ops 8/45: One NPOTA + Two More!

It was another windy, windy day here in Kansas!  Once again the Jackite dropped a couple sections right during a QSO.  When I took it down at the end of the session the tip section is stuck and won't release to slide down inside the next section - will have to work on that.

Today was pretty slow, 20 meters was a weird band for me today.  I was spotted all over the far east coast, but really nothing in between.

Tuning around I heard a strong station on 14.064, but for the life of me I could not copy the call sign.  I asked him to QRS (slow down) and he did and I finally got his call!

KA4RRU - Mike was activating NPOTA HP06 - this is my first NPOTA station other than when I was an activator.

AH6AX (11165S) - Larry answered my CQ, we had worked each other before.  He had a great signal from Maryland today, and it was nice to know I was getting out.  I had been calling CQ for some time with no takers!

KG4LLQ (5883T) - Ken answered my CQ from North Carolina.  Looking at his QRZ page he has some interesting rigs - I hope he was using one of the cool ones for our QSO today!

So in my quest for SKCC Centurion, I am now sitting at 18 unique contacts on my way to 100!


  1. Had the exact same thing happen with my Jackite pole this weekend on a SOTA activation. Had to hike down from the peak holding it upright so the sections didn't start to slide out.

    Couldn't get it fixed until I took off the bottom cap and pulled all the sections out. Then a solid tap on the floor with the offending section and the stuck section slid free. 73 Michael KX6A

    1. Thanks Michael! I will give that a try tonight and see if I can get it "unstuck".