Monday, March 21, 2016

Portable Ops 7/45: Windy, Windy, Windy...

If there is one thing Kansas is known for, its the wind!  Today was no exception!  We had 26 mph steady winds with gusts to 30-40 mph.  This was really bending the old 31' Jackite over!  At one point one of the lower sections unleashed and fell into the bottom section during a QSO.  I was able to complete the QSO and then get out of the car and fix the antenna!

Today I continued my quest for more SKCC members, and I was not disappointed.  20 meters was great today for me - working from coast to coast from my normal spot in the park.

I started calling CQ on 14.054...

KA2KGP (1494T): came back to my CQ with a 549 report and some QSB from New York.  He was 599.  If you check out Tom's QRZ page you will read what he told me, and that is that he is deaf.  How amazing is that to work a deaf member of our ham radio community on CW.  QSB got him a bit, but I believe he said that CW is his main mode since he can't hear voice.  Tom had a nice fist as well!

K4DJ (11060S): came back to my next CQ with a 569 report from North Carolina.  Rich wished me luck in my pursuit of the Centurion SKCC award.  He was running 75 watts on his end.

W1FJI/p (2182): I was tuning around and heard a very faint CQ about 14.054, about a RST of 539, but very weak.  I got his call, so I answered and Art gave me a 559 in return from Massachusetts.  Art was portable either from his car or a park, not sure.  He was running 3 watts - so this was a nice 2xQRP contact.

NS3C (8284T): Richard and I connected on the SKCC Sked page and met at 14.054 - he answered my CQ.  I had worked Richard last week I believe.  This time he was on his KX3 as well in California.  He had a great signal into Kansas.  So this was a nice 2xQRP and 2xKX3 contact!  Thanks Richard!

After that my 60 minutes was up and it was time to head back to the office.  At the pace I am going I think I will reach my goal of 45 portable operation outings much earlier than expected!

After today I am at 17 unique SKCC members worked.  I hope to work at least for a bit Wednesday night in the monthly sprint, but not sure I will be able to leave the kids and wife for 2 hours solid!

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