Thursday, March 17, 2016

Portable Ops 5/45: Four Nice Contacts

I went over the local park once again today - it was nicer today because the wind was not blowing 40 MPH like the last excursion!

20 meters seemed to be a bit better, and I heard a number of signals around 14.050 (the SKCC hangout), as well as the rest of the band.

I started calling CQ thinking I would have a contact really quick, but not to be the case, but it got more interesting after a bit.

First up was...

NS3C (8284T) - Richard answered my CQ from Los Angeles, CA and gave me a 599 - I was a new number for him.

NQ7K (13913T) - I heard Mike nice and solid replying to my CQ.  What started out as a 579 exchange turned into a 599 booming signal from Arizona.  Mike was running a 1 Watter Rig which is a kit available from Kits and Parts - and seems to be gaining a foothold in the QRP community.  It was fun to work someone running 1 watt on a rig that I have thought about picking up! Nice 2xQRP contact!

KF7YRL (10421T) - I heard a very very faint signal when Steve was calling me.  I was able to make out the necessary info and heard that he was QRP.  His QRZ page says he is in Montana, but I shot him an email for the specifics.  We kept it short because I could just not pull up his signal well enough to copy easily.  Another 2xQRP QSO!

KO1U (7648S) - I heard Mark calliing CQ with a nice 599 signal.  I answered and he got me with a 559 report from Massachusetts.

Another fun day working some of the nicest guys and great operators that are involved with the SKCC.  Thanks for putting up with my new fist, and slower speed!

This puts me 11/100 SKCC contacts as I work towards my Centurion award.

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