Thursday, August 15, 2013

Costa Rica in the Log!

Today the bands didn't seem as good as they were yesterday, but was still able to make some contacts.

I couldn't hear any of the SOTA activators on 20 meters - I must have been in the skip - I could hear people working them, but could never hear them.  I wish one of them dropped down to 30 meters to see if that would work.  Hey activators - try 30 meters every once in a while! :)

I had 3 really nice QSO's today:

KD8AZO - Dave was calling CQ on 14.060.  He was in Coldwater, OH.  He was running a Tentec 40/20 rig at about 4 watts.  This was a nice 2xQRP QSO!

K8DSS - Ed was calling CQ on 14.060.  He said he was near Tampa, FL.  His QRZ page said he has K3 and a KX3 so I am not sure if he was portable or not.  Really bad QSB so we cut it pretty short.

Then I spun to 17 meters....

I hear LY2J in Lithuania, but I never could get him.

TI7/AA5NX - I heard Gene in a nice rag chew with a four station, they were both booming in here.  I waited till they were finished and then gave Gene a call.  He came right back to me.  He said I was pretty weak and gave me a 559 - and I sent him a 579.  Gene is in Costa Rica - he faded a bit when sending his exact QTH and I didn't copy it all.  I can't find much about him online - other than his AA5NX call info.  I would like to know more about where he was exactly.

That was it for today!  Good times...

(just for my own reference: SFI 120 A Index: 10 K Index: 4 - 20m and 30m listed as FAIR)

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