Monday, August 5, 2013

Two SOTA Contacts and Nice QRP to QRP contact

NM5S was on Midland Hill W0/SP-117
After several days away I was finally able to make it back out for a little lunch time portable operation.  With my Ultimate Portable QRP Antenna I worked these guys today with what seemed like pretty poor band conditions and some noticeable noise on my end today:

First up was N7BBH (fun call to listen to on CW) - I heard Steve tuning up on 14.060 just as I turned the rig on, and then he started calling CQ.  The QSB was very deep, after several repeats we finally pulled off a nice QSO - he was on the edge of my ability to copy at the speed he was sending.

Next up was WS0TA (I think it was WG0AT at the key) - this is a club call working from a SOTA peak.  I was never able to copy the peak he was on.  I worked him at 17:35 on 14.061, so if anyone knows the peak designation let me know!  He was a 579 and he gave me a 229.

Then I found NM5S - Alan was doing SOTA on W0/SP-117.  He gave me a 559 and I did the same.

Not including WS0TA contact, I am now at 24 points towards my Shack Sloth certificate!

The bands overall were pretty dead today.  The 7 region was the strongest today - nothing really heard from the east coast.  Nothing heard on 17 meters at all - which was disappointing after my first DX score last week!

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