Tuesday, August 20, 2013

IZ4RTE & UX1AA - Amazing Lunchtime Portable QRP

Map from N0HYD to UX1AA
Wow!  It was a fun lunch today working portable from the park.  I heard a little activity on 15 meters, but then tuned down to 17 meters and started having fun!

I had TWO great DX contacts on 17 meters today...

IZ4RTE - He was first up.  He was calling CQ and after several repeats of my call he finally got it.  He gave me a 519 and I gave him a 599.  Eddie was near Bologna, ITALY!  I don't know call prefixes well enough to recognize where people are from - so I was super excited when he said this.  From his QRZ profile apparently he was running a Elecraft K3 - so this was a nice 2xElecraft QSO.

UX1AA - I heard Serge finish a QSO and start calling CQ.  It took several attempts for him to get my call, but he finally did.  He gave me a 559 and he was 579 here in Kansas.  When I looked him up on QRZ I realized he was in the western part of Ukraine!  This is roughly 5,600 miles from my location!

It was about time to head back to work, but I spun to 20 meters and heard nothing, so I put out a CQ on 14.060.  N7BBH - Steve in is Arizona.  We have worked each other before in early August.  Today he was on his TenTec Eagle at 40 watts - sounded great!

Well, another fun lunch time working QRP portable with my vertical EF QRP antenna.  Its always fun, but today was exceptional with two nice DX QSO's and working Steve again!

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