Friday, August 9, 2013

Stinky Bands but still fun!

K0JQZ activating a summit (from
The bands were really stinky today - lots of noise, at least at my location.

I did manage to work two stations:

W5MP: Mike was calling CQ on 20M and was booming in.  I put a call back and we had a nice 20 minute rag chew.  Mike was using some nice Drake gear and sounded great with a really nice CW fist as well.  He said the bands stunk in Houston also - so it wasn't just me!  He gave me a 579 and I gave him a 599.

K0JQZ: I gave the dial a quick spin and heard Frank 599 at 14.061.  This is the third time I have worked Frank while he was activating a summit for SOTA.  He was on W7Y/TT-161 Signal Mountain in WY.  This was worth 4 points to me as a chaser - which puts me at 64 points right now.

Spun the dial for a couple more minutes, hearing nothing I broke down the rig and antenna and headed back to work.

The Ultimate Portable QRP Antenna continues to work great, and is so easy to erect and take down!  I really need to get my page written up on how I have this antenna constructed!

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